We are pleased to present for your attention several software products designed for various business domains. Here, you can learn about Sindy (for building custom tests in psychological, educational, social and other areas), SociometryPro (for automated calculation of sociometric indexes). Additionally, you can take part in sociometric online testing. As well as there's a capability where you can test with custom tests, developed by you or somebody else with Sindy software mentioned above.

MSProject/JIRA Synchronizer

Microsoft Project / JIRA Synchronizer icon

MSProject/JIRA Synchronizer is designed for project managers looking for a powerful tool to control projects managed with Atlassian JIRA. It will synchronize data in any direction including bi-directional mode and configure process for custom types of data.

MSProject/JIRA Synchro

Details   Price: $400-$499
Platform: Windows


SociometryPro - automation of sociometric research

SociometryPro is software program which can increase effectiveness of sociometric research. If you ever did it manually, you know how it's hard and laboured. But SociometryPro helps enter the data visually and calculate the sociometric indexes in one-click.

SociometryPro Screenshot

Details   Price: $9.95-$24.95
Platform: Windows


Sindy - custom tests development

Sindy is software designed to build and debug custom tests for psychological and educational areas, providing certifications, social and other types of surveys, questionaries, etc. Test created in Sindy can be used for free testing in Online Testing.

Sindy Screenshot

Details   Price: Free
Platform: Windows

Standard Tests

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You can find here the popular tests for testing online in different areas. We have tests oriented to survey of character and temperament specifics, understanding the personal communication abilities, providing career guidance, calculating the results of sociometric study. You can use the results for providing diagnostics in your own research and studies.


Custom Tests

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You can provide testing base on a test developed with Sindy software. Sindy will help you build a unique custom test with specific questions, available answers and calculation formulas for getting the results. Afterwards, the test can be sent to persons which must be remotely tested. You will get the results of testing by Email and will be able to analyze them.


You can send a request by Email to us or call by phone in accordance to our contacts and ask diverse questions about our products and services. We will answer them as faster as possible. Besides, we will be thakful to you for any problems and defects if they are found in the products. Based on that, we will fix them and publish fixed releases of the products.