Run Custom Test

You can create a custom test with Sindy software and run it right here. In this way, you can use our server for providing remote testing for many persons in accordance to your business goals. A tested person need to access Internet only and never mind where the person is located. The testing provided is absolutely free for all.

To organize custom testing, please, follow the next steps:

The person must perform next to pass the test:

Attention, please! When testing, you can not use Web-browser buttons for updating and moving over the pages because it can result in errors in the testing results. As well as you can not change language of a page during testing. Please, use "Next" button only for going to a next question of the test. You can find this button under the list of available answers of a question.

If you are a tested person and ready for testing, please, press Import button to follow to next page for importing a file with test.

If the instruction above isn't clear so go to brief video below with an overview how to pass the whole process from scratch. You can change video frame using player controls or perform resizing actions if you need.