Current version 3.1.1

Release from December 19, 2015. File size - 1.0 Mb.

Download demo program (demo period - 30 days):

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Please, take a look to the changes history for SociometryPro where you can get information about the most of changes version by version.


English, version 2.3

Getting started, HTML
Getting started, PDF (558 Kb)

English, version 2.2

User Guide, PDF (520 Кб)

Russian, version 2.3

Getting started, HTML
Getting started, PDF (558 Kb)

User Guide, PDF (751 Kb)

French, version 2.1

User Guide, PDF (1.18 Mb)

SociometryPro's technical features

Type: Windows-application.

Hardware requirements: PC-compatible computer, at least, 4 Mb RAM, 2 Mb HDD, keyboard, mouse, monitor.

Software requirements: OS Windows 32-bit or 64-bit with support of 32-bit emulation (Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8). Preferably installed Microsoft Internet Explorer (from version 6.0 and above).