Main window:

Main window of SociometryPro Enlarge

Arranged sociometry objects are displayed in the left frame. Diverse testing (investigation) views can be opened in the right part of the main window.

To build an investigation, please, create a client group and a criterion in a criterion group first.

Choices window:

Choices window of SociometryPro Enlarge

When an investigation is created, please, open its choices window and input the choices. Simple mouse clicks allow to input choices.

Indexes window:

Indexes window of SociometryPro Enlarge

Here, the window shows all group and individual indexes of an investigation as charts.

Graph window:

Graph window of SociometryPro Enlarge

This window shows all choices made by clients as a graph. You can changes the figure types on your own and place the figures as you need.

Target window:

Target window of SociometryPro Enlarge

When you move mouse cursor over a ring, then SociometryPro displays a list of clients with the same number of input choices as the number in the ring. Another word, this list contains client names which were chosen N times, where N - the value in the selected ring.