This free sociometry ONLINE test performs calculating indexes for some group of people and displaying those indexes as tables with numeric values.
 The realization of this test contains some constraints:

  • Testing is provided for positive type of choices only
  • An evaluated group can include from 2 to 15 members only

In accordance to above mentioned, to bypass these constraints, sometimes you can simply setup a sociometry question. For example, use "Who is a worse one in the group" instead of "Who is a best one in the group". Of course, it's not a good practice!

For more successful work, use a special software tool SociometryPro that help you to calculate the results fast in time. To get started in sociometry method, please take a look to an article "Sociometry In Practice".

Instruction for sociometry test ONLINE:

When testing you will:

  1. Input a sociometry question and the number of members in group
  2. Mark the positive choices made by members during the testing itself
  3. Evaluate the group and private indexes displayed at the final iteration of the sociometry test

It must be mentioned that periodic execution of sociometry test for some group will help you  understand the dynamics of interrelations amongst the members of the group


When testing, don't use the Internet browser buttons and menus because it can violate the calculations.

Starting test

To start the sociometry test ONLINE, please press next button:
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