LeDiS Group is a project devoted to software development of low cost and high quality software for different areas. They are such areas as education, psychology, marketing, social researches, etc. Our key to success: "Software products are to be good, easy-to-use and contain the needed functions for available cost!"

We are glad to present now next our software products:

Our software products can be freely downloaded from our web site, installed at your computer and evaluated during demo period. The demo period for SociometryPro is 30 days, and for SINDI is 60 ones. During the demo time, you can use the downloaded programs in any way as you need and evaluate whether the programs can be really useful in the work. It must be mentioned that all programs are fully functional during the demo period. In case if you desire to use the products afterwards, you can order them using special URL references presented in our site.

Purchasing LeDiS Group software, you pay for hard work of our developers and get additional services such as:

  • Legal license allowing to work with our software
  • Online help and consulting services related to optimal and effective usage of bought products
  • Registering the defects encountered when using the software and right for free getting of the future patches
  • Free getting new SociometryPro versions and releases produced by developers